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Truck Mounted vs Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

by miklesfamilyfarm on November 17, 2014

Which is Best to Have Used to Clean your Home

If you are taking the time and spending the money to hire a carpet cleaning service then chances are you expect the technicians to use industrial grade cleaning equipment instead of a cleaning Machine you could probably buy at Walmart. That’s why whenever I call for carpet cleaning service and make sure they use a truck mounted system for at least the main carpeted areas in my home because those are the most powerful carpet cleaning machines in use today.

Benefits of Truck or Van Mounted Systems

truck mounted cleaning systemBecause they are more powerful than portable units, these truck mounted carpet cleaning systems have the advantage of being able to clean an area faster as well. Part of this is simply because the truck systems are much longer than portable carpet cleaning machines but they also can hold much more cleaning solution so the technician does not constantly have to dump and refill the portable machine while they’re working. It makes the entire process a lot easier because all of the water, tanks, power, and cleaning products are all contained within the truck or van. This added power also helps suck up water making for a healthier cleaning process and also helps the carpets dry faster, something Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is known for, the local cleaner I use.

Why they May Not Be The Best Choice for All Homes

By using the truck system you can be much more confident that all four most of the dirt, pollen, and even chemicals are being picked up out of your carpets or rugs leaving a truly clean result that is healthier for anyone who enters your home. With all this said, sometimes the truck mounted systems can make it more difficult for the cleaners to get in tight spaces or if you happen to live up high in an apartment building where the hose from the truck might not be able to reach. In these cases a strong portable unit might be the only option and depending on what equipment is used, you can still get a really deep clean if the technician takes the time to thoroughly go over all the square footage of carpets and rugs you have.

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