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How to Choose a Home Addition

by miklesfamilyfarm on January 5, 2015

An addition to your home is a great option for some people looking to create more living space. Some people might want one because they have growing families, need space for working at home, or simply have the funds to add more function to their homes. So if you are thinking this is a good option for you, what is the next step? The planning stage for having a home addition built can be rather tricky, but once you get through the first steps a home addition builder can do all the rest.

Starting the Planning Phase

home addition in process, VirginiaThe first part of the planning phase typically involves deciding what function you want this new part of your home to accomplish. Maybe you would like more living space in the form of a den, another bed and bathroom for guests or an extended eat-in kitchen. These are all popular options but they come in almost an unlimited number of forms because additions are all about being a custom solution.

When you figure out which function you want your new space to serve, its time to get a little more specific and start to look into different designs. For this, I often suggest people look at http://www.houzz.com/addition since houzz has so many different pictures of home additions you can get some really great ideas for your house. They currently have over 100,000 examples you can look at from all types of homes from modern to colonial.

After you have a basic idea of where you might want to have the addition built along with its basic appearance, both inside and out (this doesn’t need to be too specific at this point) its time to speak with a local builder to put all of the pieces together and come up with dimensions, price estimates and other logistics.  So long as you have a licensed and insured contractor you can trust, the rest should just be a matter of listening and working with them until completion of the project. Also don’t forget the details, have quality building materials used like Andersen windows (click here for Pennsylvania residents) and Certainteed roofing shingles installed.

Many people I know have found building a home addition to be a worthwhile investment both in current usage of their living space and increased home value for the future. Good luck with your building project, and take your time to design the perfect custom space you need for your home.

Truck Mounted vs Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

by miklesfamilyfarm on November 17, 2014

Which is Best to Have Used to Clean your Home

If you are taking the time and spending the money to hire a carpet cleaning service then chances are you expect the technicians to use industrial grade cleaning equipment instead of a cleaning Machine you could probably buy at Walmart. That’s why whenever I call for carpet cleaning service and make sure they use a truck mounted system for at least the main carpeted areas in my home because those are the most powerful carpet cleaning machines in use today.

Benefits of Truck or Van Mounted Systems

truck mounted cleaning systemBecause they are more powerful than portable units, these truck mounted carpet cleaning systems have the advantage of being able to clean an area faster as well. Part of this is simply because the truck systems are much longer than portable carpet cleaning machines but they also can hold much more cleaning solution so the technician does not constantly have to dump and refill the portable machine while they’re working. It makes the entire process a lot easier because all of the water, tanks, power, and cleaning products are all contained within the truck or van. This added power also helps suck up water making for a healthier cleaning process and also helps the carpets dry faster, something Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is known for, the local cleaner I use.

Why they May Not Be The Best Choice for All Homes

By using the truck system you can be much more confident that all four most of the dirt, pollen, and even chemicals are being picked up out of your carpets or rugs leaving a truly clean result that is healthier for anyone who enters your home. With all this said, sometimes the truck mounted systems can make it more difficult for the cleaners to get in tight spaces or if you happen to live up high in an apartment building where the hose from the truck might not be able to reach. In these cases a strong portable unit might be the only option and depending on what equipment is used, you can still get a really deep clean if the technician takes the time to thoroughly go over all the square footage of carpets and rugs you have.

The Importance Of Energy Efficient Windows In Massachusetts

by miklesfamilyfarm on October 13, 2014

massachusetts home with new windows installedLiving in Massachusetts, you know that winters can be very cold. Your heating bill can quickly skyrocket when the temperatures plummet. That’s why it’s a wise investment for you to invest in energy saving solutions for your home. A good place to start is with your windows. Here are a few reasons that emphasize the importance of energy efficient windows in Massachusetts.

  • Better insulation means constant temperatures. Think about the clothing you wear in the wintertime. You most likely wear the warmest clothing that you own; clothing that keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. If you think of your home like your body, you want to minimize your heat loss as much as possible. If you didn’t know already, windows can lose heat quickly because glass is thinner than walls. But if you have energy efficient windows, your heat loss will be lower and since you’re losing less heat, the temperature in your home will be more constant.
  • Efficient windows mean lower energy bills. When temperatures drop well below freezing, you turn the heat up in your house. Since the air outside is significantly colder than the air indoors, the colder air mass will take heat from the warmer air mass. With less heat getting through the energy efficient windows, you’ll spend less money heating your house. Energy efficient windows are more expensive but they pay for themselves in energy savings in just a matter of years. Plus you’ll be more comfortable in the wintertime. Comfort definitely highlights the importance of energy efficient windows in Massachusetts
  • Increase the value of your home in the long run. When you buy Andersen windows you are instantly making your home more valuable whether you plan on selling it in 2 years or 20.

New England winters are long and cold. Do yourself a favor and buy windows that are going to keep your nest warm. The less expensive windows will only make your house colder, so go for comfort with the energy efficient windows. You’ll be warm and happy knowing that you’re saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bill.

Bring the Farmhouse Feel Indoors

by miklesfamilyfarm on October 1, 2014

Country Style Interior Decorating

Many people like the feel of being on a country farm with beautiful scenery. Being in a city can be hectic, dirty, and extremely loud. No matter where you live, there are plenty of ways to bring that farmhouse feel to your home. Here are a couple of popular ways to make your house feel cozier with country style decorating.

  1. Red prints, quilts, and plaid. Having a quilt cover your couch, or a burgundy patterned rug can go a long ways to make your home feel more country. Wherever you can use fabric, such as for curtains or place mats, try to incorporate a country themed design.
  2. Windows. These fixtures are a key way to decorate your home because they make such a statement. For a farmhouse appearance, use wooden window frames and let them make a statement and frame any view. Wood is a durable material that looks much nicer than vinyl. With a little maintenance, such as annual coatings, they can be a wonderful addition to your home. IF you currently have different style windows, consider purchasing replacement windows for a new look that is more energy efficient.
  3. Animals. Use farm animals in your decorating. Rooster salt and pepper shakers or a cow ornament don’t have to be cheesy! There is plenty of animal décor that can complement the look of your home without going over the top. Just don’t over do it!
  4. Wood. Wooden floors, tables, chairs, and more makes for an instant country feel. If you fear having too much wood in one room look tacky, use rugs, table cloths, and chair cushions to break up the pattern.

farmhouse decoratingCapture1



Aside from these suggestions, there are plenty of interior design magazines with further suggestions for country decorating. Maybe the farm feel isn’t for you, but many people enjoy the detailed wooden structures, bold patterns, and quaint decorations.

Common Washing Machine Problems and How to Fix Them

by miklesfamilyfarm on September 11, 2014

fixing home clothes washing machineMost people don’t know this but when you’re washing machine or dryer breaks even a refrigerator it really means it’s worth it to buy new one. There’re many companies out there who can fix appliances for you, an industry that I only recently found out about. But not all appliance repair services are the same. I prefer Mr. Appliance of Montgomery County Texas in Conroe, the local Mr. appliance franchise near me. If you are also in the Conroe or Houston area you can visit them at their official site and learn more about all their services.

I use them just the other day when my washing machine broke down. This is actually quite common and there’re many things that can go wrong with your washing machine. The following are the most common problems that people have with them.

The washing machine doesn’t spin.

The most obvious solution to this problem is that the doors not shut all the way if the door is closed and there’s a good chance you’re having a problem with the sensor. The sensor will not allow the washing machine to start working until it knows that the doors closed. This is a common feature on almost all modern washing machines.

There’s a water leak.

First it’s important to figure out when the waters leaking. One of the most common reasons for water leakage from a washing machine was running is if you put into much detergent. Another issue it might be having is a malfunctioning drain hose.

The machine does not finish it’s full cycle.

This is a common problem people have as well. When this happens it’s usually the timer that is to blame. Typically when this happens you need to have a new timer installed.

Finally you might be asking why the washer is not draining water.

This is often one of the easiest problems to fix and could be A result of A kink in the water hose. If this isn’t a problem you should check to see that all the filters on the washing machine such as the filter are not clogged.

These problems while some of the most common issues that you might face with your home washing machine, are not the only troubles that might arise. Some problems are fairly simple to fix with a little bit of research, common sense, and ingenuity. But many others require a special part or expertise in how washers function. In these cases you’re going to need to call an appliance repair specialists in your area such as the friendly people at your local Mr. appliance franchise. I have been using them for years and recommend they are who you call when you have a problem with the home or commercial clients that’s too big for you to fix yourself.

Making a Home Office

by miklesfamilyfarm on September 4, 2014

If you are fortunate enough to have a working arrangement that lets you telecommute or work from the comfort of your own home, you will want to invest in a comfortable and productive work space. Don’t kill yourself sitting on a busted chair with a laptop resting on a coffee table. Here’s some advice from a seasoned work-from-home veteran.

1. Take care of your spine.home office

Invest in a chair that gives you adequate lumbar support and doesn’t leave you with aches and pains. Your computer screen should be at level so you’re not craning your neck, looking too high or too low. Even a stiffness or misalignment in the vertebrates in your neck can have negative effects on the lower parts of your back. Even when you have the perfect chair, computer, and screen configuration, take stretch breaks that get you up and out of your seat at least every hour.

2. Enjoy what you do.

If you hate the work you’re doing, you will associate those negative emotions with your office, also known as your home. Working from home has its benefits, but its better to take a small commute if its a job that is going to really challenge you and bring you a sense of purpose. If you used to teach or have a passion for children, consider a kids business that still lets you tap into that interest.

3. Use natural lighting.

You’d be surprised the real negative impact not being exposed to natural sunlight can have on your mood. If you sleep in your house, wake up, work in your home office, eat dinner, and go to bed, you may never experience nature through the course of a day. As human beings, we are naturally recharged and comforted by the simple exposure to the natural world around us. Pick a room in your house with some real window real estate to set up shop in.

Farmhouse Lighting Inspirations

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 15, 2014

When you are thinking about designing a room to fit a theme you probably think about what kind of furniture you want to add or which fabrics would best fit in the room. However, one big way you can make a statement is with custom or unique lighting fixtures. Now these aren’t your everyday lamps that you may find in your local department stores. These lighting designs are truly special and will add to your overall farmhouse inspired style. Keep in mind that some of these larger projects require potentially rerouting your home’s wiring. Before attempting any complex projects, be sure to seek the advice of a professional electrical contractor in Appleton WI. Below are a few lighting ideas to get you started.


Industrial - This seems to be one of the most popular styles currently, a throwback to the 19th century industrial revolution. From low-end to high-end department stores, everyone seems to carry a line of industrial inspired lighting products. It intentionally is made to look worn and distressed. Vintage and natural tones add rugged and warm characteristics that invoke a sense of history. Metals are an essential element to accomplishing a farmhouse inspired light fixture.


Copper Lighting - Metallic lighting is a design that you may not have considered before. Having a copper lamp case or even an entire installation made of copper can be a way to infuse extra shine into your room. Copper has a great neutral palette that can add a touch or warmth to any space. From modern to classic and elegant you can easily find a way to incorporate your copper pieces so they complement any room.


For more farmhouse inspired lighting designs click here.


Service Oriented Plumbers

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 15, 2014

clog in shower drainOver the past few weeks I have had quite an annoying issue with my shower not draining properly. Before the water has been running for even a few minutes I find myself standing in a pool of cold and dirty water. Finally yesterday I decided to try and do something about it by trying to clog it to no avail. The clog must have been much deeper than I could get to. So inevitably I started my search for a plumber who had the right equipment to unclog my drain. It was probably for the best seeing as I had a leaky pipe in the kitchen I had been meaning to get fixed for a while now.

Hiring the Right Plumbing Contractor

Because I figured the plumbing issues I was having were not all that complicated I was really prioritizing finding a plumbing company near me in Macon GA who was clean and professional. Ive had a few of my friends complain about a few plumbers in my area who were rude, showed up in a sketchy truck and left a mess behind when they left. This was definitely something I wanted to avoid so after looking over some reviews I decided to give Mr. Rooter pluming service a chance to fix my plumbing problems.

friendly plumber in Warner Robins GASo why did I choose Mr. Rooter? Well they don’t always advertise it but its because of their service philosophy and code of values for their customer service process. Its too much to list here but some of the general principles involve treating each plumbing client with integrity and respect. When they come to your home I like that they show up in a truck with a big logo, wear a uniform and they even put a door mat down in front of my patio door so I knew they were still here as well as covering their boots and always striving to make the repair the first time.

I was impressed by this because obviously none of these things are usually associated with plumbers but I think it’s a great concept putting customer service first in an industry some people think of as slightly dirty.

Choosing the Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 15, 2014

Back when I was younger, the family farmhouse didn’t have air conditioning. So needless to say the Oklahoma summer heat could get pretty brutal without any ventilation. We had ceiling fans and would open the windows as often as we could, but still there was little to no relief. When I got older, I took it upon myself to upgrade the 19th century home with 21st century technology. It was important to me that people would be comfortable and want to visit the place that I grew up loving so much. I wanted to control the indoor temperature of the home without compromising the structural integrity or charm of the old farmhouse.


I began doing my research into what would be the best option in regards to heating and air for our Tulsa OK home. I didn’t know much about various units, all I knew was that I wanted to invest in an efficient HVAC installation service. I wanted to share information that I found useful when making the decision on the type of HVAC that was right for my home. There are basically three main types of HVAC systems; a packaged unit, a split system, and a window air conditioning unit.


split systemsSplit System

A split A/C system is exactly as it sounds, it has two separate units. One unit is indoors, which contains the evaporating coils and the other outside, which contains the systems compressor and condenser. This is common in most of today’s detached home designs because most homes built today are built with a central HVAC system in mind. For a split system unit to be an option there must be duct work ventilation within the ceiling, basement, or attic for proper circulation.


window unitWindow Unit

A window air conditioning unit is ideal for a space with a limited space design and restriction from installing air ducts such as an apartment. These are an ideal choice for a smaller space but keep in mind these systems can potentially interfere with the structural and architectural style. Therefore, for historic properties this couldn’t be the best option visually. In addition, since the units are small and are designed to regulate the temperature for an entire space, heating and air may be concentrated to a specific space and not dispersed evenly throughout the entire home.


packaged AC systemPackaged Air Conditioning

This is a pre-assembled unit that is intended to control and ventilate air for only specific parts of a home. Like a space heater, a packaged A/C unit only has the capacity to distribute airflow for up to 400 cubic feet per minute. This is only intended for individual rooms when necessary that may need additional heating and air conditioning.