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My Grandfather’s Southern Drink Recipe

by miklesfamilyfarm on August 14, 2015

mint-julepGrowing up on the farm with my grandad taught me a lot of things.  It taught me about good hard work, it taught me patience, and it taught me how to fix almost anything.  Growing up there gave me a lot of fond memories and things to reflect on.  One of my favorite things my grandfather taught me was how to make his special mint julep.  Once I turned 19, he decided I was old enough to enjoy one of his favorite drinks with him.  After a hard day’s work, we would sit on the front porch and enjoy a glass of his favorite whiskey drink.  I remember him always being very particular about this specific drink.  He had a method and he’d argue til he was out of breath with anyone who tried to make it differently.  Apparently he had learned his method from his father, who learned it from his.

Passed on from generation to generation, this recipe is one that I’ve always kept with me and share it whenever I get the chance.  Here it is:

-          Mint

-          1 teaspoon sugar

-          1 good pour of bourbon

-          Lots of crushed ice

Place the mint leaves at the bottom of a chilled glass, add the sugar, and crush slightly with a muddler or spoon.  Pack the glass full of ice and fill with whiskey.  Finally place a few sprigs of mint on top, and enjoy.

Recently, I was able to visit and catch up with my grandfather who has recently enlisted the help of a senior care helper to help him around the house.  As we were talking and remembering times past, he decided he wanted to share another julep.  I offered to make it, remembering just how he likes his made.  He was so impressed that I had remembered.

For the rest of the night, we stayed up talking about the good ol’ days of working on the farm, herding cattle and hunting deer on the property.  It was a great night filled with fond memories and good drinks.  I can’t wait to visit again soon.

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