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My 2015 Home Improvement Plan

by miklesfamilyfarm on January 12, 2015

plans for my homeWith the holiday season over and the days getting longer again, many people are getting a head start on some home improvement projects. Its never a bad idea to plan ahead a little bit and think about what sorts of changes you want to make to your property this Spring and Summer. This year, I have a few different projects in mind specifically for the exterior of my home. First I want to have the windows tinted, something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Next is another project ill need to hire a contractor for which is having new siding installed. Finally a DIY project im looking forward to is landscaping my yard.

Residential Window Tinting for My Home

Having my homes window tinted is really appealing to me for a couple of reasons. First its going to make my home more private as its harder to see through the tint from the outside. Next, it helps to reduce cooling costs in the warmer month. I also just think window film looks great whether its on cars or homes. Ive already had Solar Film VA come and provide an estimate and now and am planning on having them install the film next month. I’m looking forward to a better looking comfortable home in the future from this work.

Replacing my Siding

The old aluminum siding I have installed on my home has lots of dents in it and is very much discolored simply from its age. If I can save up the money in time, im hoping to hire a builder to install something like Cambridge or Town Square brands of vinyl siding. This is something im still looking into but if your siding is going bad and you want to way to dramatically improve the look and performance of your house, it can be a great upgrade. Im thinking of going with a light blue color to replace the dingy yellow on my home currently so wish me luck that it turns out well.

Landscaping Plans for my Yard

Last comes the project im most excited about because it’s the one I get to do myself. I wish I could be more hands on about the window film and new siding but unfortunately I don’t have the skills or the resources to do those myself. The same could probably be said about landscaping the front, back and side yards but after a few gardening magazines like fine gardening and garden design so I should be ready to start soon. In the front I want to plant a few bushes directly in front of my house, then have a flower garden in front of those. Then I want shrubberies on the side lining the fence and finally a vegetable garden in the back. If I get really ambitious im going to try and plant new grass all around.

Being a homeowner can be expensive and a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun too when you take pride in it and make it your own. Feel free to check back as im sure I will have more on my to do list soon.

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