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Is it Difficult to Install Windows?

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 2, 2015

So, you have decided it is time to get new windows. As you have no doubt discovered, it is expensive to get replacement windows. Installation costs even more. As a result, you might feel tempted to install them yourself. But is that a wise thing to do?  If you are handy around the house, you might think it will be a breeze.  However, window installation is a different process than that of most home improvement projects.  And yes, it is pretty difficult.One of the main reasons you probably purchased windows from RBA window replacement or another window manufacturer (here is a full list) is because your windows are drafty. Installing them yourself will most likely lead to more drafts even if you are installing more energy efficient windows because its often difficult to fit them perfectly to the window frame.

Getting the Old Ones Out

Step one of the window installation process is getting the old windows out. It sounds simple enough, but it is very easy to damage the surrounding structures as you do this. Remember: those surrounding structures are pretty important when it comes to the integrity of your home.

Measuring Properly

Sure, you’ve been using rulers since grade school, but measuring for replacement windows means getting everything exact. There is absolutely no room for error. If you do opt to do it yourself, be sure to measure a few different times. One thing to be careful of is warping of the windows as the dimensions will not remain consistent throughout the entire length and width.

Getting the Right Fit

Replacement window installation requires a perfectly snug fit. This means using shims to compensate for any irregularity and being incredibly careful as you fix them into place. Small mistakes make a big difference.

Don’t Damage Surrounding Structures

Yes, this was mentioned with regards to getting the old windows out. Well, you can also do plenty of damage getting the new windows in. It is easier than you might think.

Older Homes will Give you More Trouble

Finally, if your home is older, be prepared to discover brand-new problems as you go. This could range from discovering that your home is sitting unevenly, indicating problems with the foundation, to finding rotting wood in the walls around your windows. If you aren’t prepared to deal with this on your own, you might want to call in the professionals.

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