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How to Choose a Home Addition

by miklesfamilyfarm on January 5, 2015

An addition to your home is a great option for some people looking to create more living space. Some people might want one because they have growing families, need space for working at home, or simply have the funds to add more function to their homes. So if you are thinking this is a good option for you, what is the next step? The planning stage for having a home addition built can be rather tricky, but once you get through the first steps a home addition builder can do all the rest.

Starting the Planning Phase

home addition in process, VirginiaThe first part of the planning phase typically involves deciding what function you want this new part of your home to accomplish. Maybe you would like more living space in the form of a den, another bed and bathroom for guests or an extended eat-in kitchen. These are all popular options but they come in almost an unlimited number of forms because additions are all about being a custom solution.

When you figure out which function you want your new space to serve, its time to get a little more specific and start to look into different designs. For this, I often suggest people look at http://www.houzz.com/addition since houzz has so many different pictures of home additions you can get some really great ideas for your house. They currently have over 100,000 examples you can look at from all types of homes from modern to colonial.

After you have a basic idea of where you might want to have the addition built along with its basic appearance, both inside and out (this doesn’t need to be too specific at this point) its time to speak with a local builder to put all of the pieces together and come up with dimensions, price estimates and other logistics.  So long as you have a licensed and insured contractor you can trust, the rest should just be a matter of listening and working with them until completion of the project. Also don’t forget the details, have quality building materials used like Andersen windows (click here for Pennsylvania residents) and Certainteed roofing shingles installed.

Many people I know have found building a home addition to be a worthwhile investment both in current usage of their living space and increased home value for the future. Good luck with your building project, and take your time to design the perfect custom space you need for your home.

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