Mikles Family Farm

Fixing up the Farmhouse

Farmhouse Lighting Inspirations

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 15, 2014

When you are thinking about designing a room to fit a theme you probably think about what kind of furniture you want to add or which fabrics would best fit in the room. However, one big way you can make a statement is with custom or unique lighting fixtures. Now these aren’t your everyday lamps […]

Service Oriented Plumbers

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 15, 2014

Over the past few weeks I have had quite an annoying issue with my shower not draining properly. Before the water has been running for even a few minutes I find myself standing in a pool of cold and dirty water. Finally yesterday I decided to try and do something about it by trying to […]

Choosing the Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

by miklesfamilyfarm on July 15, 2014

Back when I was younger, the family farmhouse didn’t have air conditioning. So needless to say the Oklahoma summer heat could get pretty brutal without any ventilation. We had ceiling fans and would open the windows as often as we could, but still there was little to no relief. When I got older, I took […]